The roof of your commercial building is among the buildings most important elements. It not only provides protection but also adds aesthetic appeal and insulation. Although it is difficult to know whether it’s time to replace or repair a roof, maintaining it is vital and can be done easily.

In case you have a hole in your roof similar in size to a bowling ball, you had better contact a professional roofing company. However, in case you notice any of these more subtle signs of tear and wear below, it is a good idea to contact a professional roofing company to fix it. The advantage of having it repaired early is that you avoid unnecessary expenses.

1. Escalating energy bills

One of the roof’s purposes is to protect us against extreme weather conditions. For instance, it covers the interior of the house, so rainwater and the scorching sun rays cannot reach the interior of the house. Unfortunately, over time the roof undergoes damage, reducing its protection capability. This means you end up spending more on heating and cooling energy bills. In such a case, you should get an expert to repair it.

2. Moisture problems

If your roof is not completely watertight, there is a possibility of moisture leaking into your building and causing great havoc. Factors that increase the chances of weak roofing include rodents, water stains and high humidity. When the roof’s environmental controls are compromised, water will enter through the rooftop, soak into the insulation and come down inside the walls.

3. Sagging

When you notice that your roof is sagging, it is an indication of a problem that could be below the roof’s surface. The problem might have come about due to previous pounding. Whichever way, the state is not ideal or safe and requires attention by a roof expert as soon as possible.

4. Bubbles

Bubbles can only be observed from the top of your roof; thus it is important to check it often. Most of the bubbles that arise from adhered single ply roofing and built-up roofing are because of the moisture that builds up below the top layer. You may consider the number of bubbles as the amount of time you have left to fix the issue. The more the bubbles there are, the more the urgently you need to get your roof repaired.

5. Open seams

At some point, the mechanical or chemical fastenings might fail. They are responsible for holding the seams together, and eventually the seams will open up if the fastenings fail. With open seams, water is bound to leak in the house, something that could result in dire consequences later on. Therefore, open seams call for emergency roof repair.

6. Failed flashings

The flashings are essential roof components. They are used to indicate the sealing between areas that join your roof with the other structures. They might also be used where two kinds of roofing materials join and the angle does not leave room for overlapping to be utilized in creating a sea. When the flashings are poorly attached, deteriorated or are missing, it indicates an issue with the roof. It is a serious situation that requires immediate fixing.

7. Your roof is getting old

Most roof experts will tell you that the typical shingles only last about 20 to 25 years when proper care is taken. The bad news is that sometimes new roofing does not always mean the best brand was used; it implies that a layer of new roofing material was simply laid over another layer. This is done to strengthen the current structure, as a short term strategy. If you are unsure of your roof’s age, contact an expert roofing contractor to come and evaluate it for you.

8. Clogged drains

During the next rainy season, check out your exteriors for downspouts. If you do not see an equal volume of water from the rain that is landing on your roof, you might be dealing with clogged drains. This is a strong sign that roof repair is needed urgently. If you allow the situation to remain as it is, you will likely start experiencing water leakages through the roof.

If you experience any of these eight signs, it is important to talk with roofing professionals. The expert will not only help you fix it, but will also guide you on how you may prevent such problems in future. They can also carry out any required and necessary maintenance.

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