You finally have that roof you always wanted. Protection from the elements and the style and design you dreamed of making this roof perfect. The last thing you should have to worry about with a new roof is leaks. You made a substantial investment, so leaks should be the least of your worries. But what happens when after a few weeks, a rainstorm hits and the next thing you know you hear the familiar sound of dripping water?

Avoiding Leaks on Your Brand New Roof

The drips are not coming from a faucet but rather your ceiling. You have to roll up the rugs, move the furniture and another décor, as well as layout tarps and buckets to catch as much water as you can. You call out a roofer but the news is not good. They can not accept responsibility nor do they have the insurance to cover the repairs. If you find yourself in this situation or want to avoid this situation, there are things you can do. You should always invest in waterproofing or weatherproofing your roof when you get a new one installed. Be sure to ask the roofer installing your system about all weather options. It is also important to know who you are hiring before you sign any contract. Do your research to evaluate the roofer that will be doing the installation. They should be fully accredited, licensed and insured. It also helps when they have great online ratings. You can also ask around to get recommendations of quality roofers in your area. Be sure to research a few and get estimates before making a decision. Lower estimates may look attractive but they could mean cheaper materials and unqualified labor. You should also be sure that you get everything in writing regarding the work to be done so you have a record of what services are to be completed. If they are not, you have a contract to support your rights.


Once you do some research you will find that we have a solid reputation in the area and work with the finest materials, resources, and most qualified roofers. Call us today to discuss your roofing options and we guarantee satisfaction and no leaks. You will get a roof you can enjoy and a roof worthy of your investment.


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