The roofing industry is making changes to become greener. As concern for the environment grows, the roofing industry is taking steps to reduce how much ends up in landfills. Using recyclable materials can also save money, which is a win for everyone. All you need to know is which materials can be recycled.

Can Roofing Materials Be Recycled?

  • Asphalt: Asphalt shingles are one of the most commonly used roofing materials and they are recyclable. Today new shingles can be made from older ones as can road materials. Since these were not always recyclable, many people are not aware of this modern benefit, so roofers need to check with facilities to see who can recycle any removed shingles.
  • Metal: Metal lasts a long time, but when it needs to be replaced, all-metal roofing pieces can be recycled into appliances, cans, and other items. It is also much easier to find recycling plants for metal roofing materials because it is much easier to recycle.
  • Clay or Concrete: These tiles last a while too but often end up in landfills due to their mineral-based composition. There are opportunities to reduce this waste and recycle tiles too. The slabs can be crushed to make gravel or to be used in construction. You just have to find a place that will take care of this.
  • EPDM Rubber: EPDM rubber is popular because of its protection. This toughness makes it difficult to recycle. There are some facilities that can recycle rubber, you just need to work with a roofer that will locate one for you. EPDM can be turned into a powder that is then used again in other rubber-based products.

In addition to the main roofing materials, there may be other components that can be recycled. Should you find that you are replacing the entire roofing system, be sure to check for recycling on these parts:

  • Polyisocyanurate insulation: If removed carefully, in full sheets, this can be used for other projects. It cannot be wet or damaged to be reusable.
  • EPS insulation: If in good condition, this too can be reused. This material breaks apart into small particles, so great care needs to be taken to remove this.

Recycling roofing materials is a labor-intensive process. It is much easier to cut up the pieces and throw them in the dumpster. But, this is not good for the environment. Recycling requires bundling the removed sheets together and this can take time. This may also add costs to your roofing project as more labor is required. You will want to discuss these options with your roofer beforehand to negotiate fairy pricing.


We take the environment seriously and do our part to keep our practices green. We use environmentally-friendly materials and can help with recycling when needed. Reach out to us today to see which materials will be best for your next roofing project, keeping your home and the environment safe.


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