How Long Does It Take For Wood To Rot?

Although your home or commercial building has been well constructed and designed for the long haul, the outdoor elements and nature itself have a huge role in how long these [...]

How Long Does It Take For Wood To Rot?2022-04-01T22:09:05+00:00

Material Options For Flat Roofs

Most commercial buildings have flat roofing, mainly because this is more efficient for the support of HVAC and ventilation units which these buildings require. Many commercial buildings need to be [...]

Material Options For Flat Roofs2021-09-22T11:47:50+00:00

Roof Flashing Types And Purpose

The rain can be a big problem for any roof. Too much water inside the building interior can damage the overall structure and integrity, which can be dangerous and expensive [...]

Roof Flashing Types And Purpose2021-06-08T23:00:31+00:00

Why Roof Flashings Are Needed

Roofing lingo can sometimes be a little difficult to understand. There are many terms or expressions which may not be familiar to you. One of the most important terms is [...]

Why Roof Flashings Are Needed2021-05-25T15:40:27+00:00

How To Pick The Perfect Shingle Color

If you're looking to replace your roofing or building a new property, you will be thinking about the roof and which materials and colors to choose. The choice will impact [...]

How To Pick The Perfect Shingle Color2021-05-25T15:17:09+00:00

Can Roofing Materials Be Recycled?

The roofing industry is making changes to become greener. As concern for the environment grows, the roofing industry is taking steps to reduce how much ends up in landfills. Using [...]

Can Roofing Materials Be Recycled?2021-03-16T04:28:12+00:00

Understanding Roofing Insulation

If you have completed a roofing project you may have noticed that a lot of insulation is involved. Over the last decade, insulation has increased from 3.3” insulation needed to [...]

Understanding Roofing Insulation2021-03-16T04:13:55+00:00
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