You may think that all roofs are the same, but this s not the case. The reality is that all roofing types are different. While each roofing style shares similarities, their differences are very profound. Residential and commercial structure coverings have some noticeable differences. Let’s discover the differences between commercial and residential roofing.

Commercial and Residential Roofing Functions

First, you need to know that all roofs are designed to cover the top of structures. They ensure that the elements stay out of a home and they provide privacy. Roofs also help to stabilize a structure. Commercial roofs are also designed for wear and tear and are heavy duty construction coverings that ensure that buildings remain in place.

You should also keep in mind that commercial roofing is made from heavy-duty material when compared to residential structures. This roofing style is necessary for protecting large groups of people and their property. Residential roofing is designed specifically for single families who live in houses and is durable enough to perform this function. Roofing material that is used for local residences are extremely customizable and usually has a decorative appearance.

Installation and Design Styles

Commercial roofs are more complex to install. The reason being is that the roofing parts are larger and usually need to be put into place by heavy construction equipment. You must consider the fact that commercial buildings usually have a flat design because it is a practical and efficient way for builders to cover an edifice.

Residential homes typically have sloped roofing. Most roofs have slates that are installed in a pattern, one shingle at a time. Some homes have a flat roofing area, but they are not the norm. You probably already know from your own home that shingles come in a variety of colors, materials and styles. Once again, you have more flexibility with this roofing design.

Expertise and Skill Needed to Construct Commercial and Residential Roofs

A construction team must have more skill when installing a commercial roof. A commercial roof has more intricate and complex considerations when they are being attached to a structure. The workers will have to figure out how to build the roof around piping, smoke stacks and other areas of the structure that are present in the roofing area. They also must ensure the integrity of the roof, so it does not collapse into a building.

You should also remember that residential structures are easier to build. A person who specializes in residential roofing must know how to be flexible with design styles. They should also be able to evaluate which of the various roofing styles will work best with each type of home. Remember that a ranch style home will require a different approach to roofing than a 4-bedroom Victorian house.

You must not forget that both roofing styles serve different purposes even though they have the same function. No roofing type is necessarily better than the other. They must ensure that they are protecting, covering and providing privacy to the people and materials that occupy a structure. It is important to remember this when you are having work done on your residential or commercial structure.

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