While flat roofing can be seen on some housing developments, it is typically designed for commercial or industrial buildings. Flat roofs are more practical for a variety of reasons and there are different styles to choose from. There are specific nuances as to why you may choose one system over another. You want to get a roof that will provide continued safety, usefulness and value for the building so it is wise to understand the different styles and roofing techniques.

Flat Roofing: What You Need to Know

  • Duro-Last Roofing: The brand name of Duro-Last has long been associated with durability and quality. These highly reputable roofing systems are inexpensive to install and have a history of going the distance. They also require very little maintenance outside of regular inspections on occasion. These roofing systems, when properly installed and maintained, can last longer than most people expect roofing to last on commercial buildings.
  • Roofing Membranes: The membrane is an essential part of the system. Membranes are often held down by rubber or gravel and have nail or glue to hold them in place. Anything outside of these materials is there to protect the membrane and maintain its functionality. It is the membrane that protects the building interior from the elements.
  • TPO Membranes: Thermoplastic roofing systems are well planned and designed to provide years of cover for your building. The process used to manufacture these systems involves environmentally sound concepts and produces a roof that expands and contracts with the weather changes. This keeps it from drying out or becoming brittle as the seasons change.
  • Rubber Membranes: While TPO systems are considered ‘smart’ , rubber membranes are more hard-working. They perform the same function as TPO systems but they are strong to keep the weather away from the inside of your building.

Both membrane systems will work for your commercial building, so you should speak with a roofing contractor to determine what will be the best option. Since every roofing project is different and we understand that budgets vary too, consulting with a licensed contractor is the best first step to getting the roof to meet all your needs.

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