Roofing material is available in different colors these days. This means you have decisions to make when it comes to roofing. Not only did you have to choose between slate, metal or asphalt shingles, but now you have to choose a color too. The choice gets more complicated because each color then has multiple shades and hues. A typical roof will last between 20 and 30 years so you need to make sure the choice you make is something you can live with.

Choosing the Color of Your Roof

  • Dark or Light Colors: The primary difference between dark and light colors has to do with heat. With darker colors, the surface of the roof as well as the membrane beneath it are close to ten degrees hotter than with lighter shades. The lighter roofing materials will reflect heat away better, keeping your building cooler in warmer seasons.
  • Make a Match: Ideally, you want to choose shingles that match the brickwork of the building. You can change shutter colors with paint, but bricks and shingles will be permanent so make sure they compliment each other. You can then match exterior paints to the shingle color. The best way to determine if paint will match the roofing is to paint a large board and lay it against the roofing materials.
  • Not Too Close: One of the biggest mistakes made is choosing colors or hues that are too close. When the brick, siding, and roofing materials are all the same hue, the look of the building becomes monotone and lifeless. You want the colors to match but not be identical. Varying color choices by a few shades will give depth to the colors while ensuring that all components complement each other.
  • Simple Shingles: If you have a lot of colors already on the exterior of your house such as multi-color bricks or multiple paint colors, you can tone down the look with simple shingle colors. Too many patterns or colors can be overwhelming and unattractive, so choose toned-down shingle colors. On the other hand, if the building has a monotone appearance, vividly colored shingles can add real curb appeal by catching eyes of those passing by.
  • Use Every Light: When you are picking shingle colors to match the house, be sure you look at them next to each other in various types of lighting. Look at the samples in the sun and the shade as well as at different times of the day. Makes sure you test the shingles next to the bricks as well as shutters and other painted areas in both sun and shade to get the most accurate assessment of whether they compliment each other or not.
  • Remember Resale Value: While you may set out buying a home to keep forever, things change, and you may find yourself needing to sell. You may love the bold and bright color roof tiles, but this may not be another person’s cup of tea. You want to add curb appeal and prevent a bland appearance, but you cannot go overboard. Often if you think selling might be in the cards, you should always go with neutral colors, and make sure every exterior component is complimentary.

Final Thoughts

Color is important and can be the perfect final touch to any building. But the wrong color can be a mistake and then it would be something you have to live with. Consult with a roofing contractor to evaluate your options when it comes to color so you can ensure that your house gets the best possible look.

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