Commercial roofing is pretty durable; however, rain and snow can cause damage over time. Even the sunniest of climates can experience unpredictable showers and if you are not prepared, your building can pay a heavy price. It is obviously better to prevent leaks before they happen, and you will save money and time by caring for your roof all year round. When the rain does show up, you can be assured your roof is watertight and your building will be safe from water damage.

How to Prevent Roof Leaks and Water Damage

A small leak can become a big leak in a matter of time and they are not always easy to spot. A trained professional contractor can inspect your roof and identify small leaks and minor damage before they get out of hand. You may not be able to control the weather, but following the tips below will help you keep control over the longevity of your commercial roof.

  • Inspect the roof: Work with a professional contractor to have them regularly inspect your roof surface. They can quickly identify potential damage and minor leaks, so as to repair them before serious damage occurs.
  • Check shingles: Any shingles that have been damaged or are missing need to be repaired or replaced immediately.
  • Gutters: Heavy rain and freezing winds, as well as snowfall or ice, can cause ice dams which will block your gutters and allow backwater to flow under the shingles. After any severe weather, always check for signs of ice damage and the presence of any dams.
  • Flashing: The connections around the flashing are prone to leaks but any repair work needed is easy. Make sure you regularly check the flashing around your vents so as to prevent small leaks from turning into larger ones.
  • Plants: Even though they offer a nice look to the building, trees can be damaging to your roof. Not only do they welcome algae and moss that can spread to the roof, but they also can scratch and tear the surface. Work with your landscaper to keep trees trimmed back away from the rooftop.

Leaks can still happen, no matter how prepared you might be. This is why we recommend you call us at the first sign of any leak or damage. After an inspection, we will be able to offer you reliable solutions to get your roof back in optimal shape right away.

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