The roofing system of your home can add value to the house or substantially take away from it. If you are looking to sell your house, you need to consider the impact the roof is going to have. Weak and damaged roofing means the house will not have long-term sustainability which discourages buyers. What this means for you is a lower price and a loss of money. Hiring a roofing inspector to evaluate any damage allows you the opportunity to repair or replace any part of the roof needed. This way the value of your house increases, and you will get a better return on your investment.

Getting a roof inspection

Work only with a licensed and bonded contractor for roofing inspections. You will get both an interior and exterior evaluation. An assessment of the interior of the roofing system involves identifying any structural damage as well as looking at the quality of the ventilation, insulation and possibility of any exposure to moisture. The exterior inspection involves looking at shingle deterioration, flashing, checking for ice dams, weather damage and checking the gutter system. Chimneys are also checked as these can be prone to leakages.

Why you need an inspection

A professional assessment of your roof will identify any problem areas early enough so you can repair them. It also assesses the structural integrity of the roof and house which allows you to set an appropriate value to your home. Buyers look at their new home as an investment so if they are buying damaged goods, they will expect a lower price and you lose out. Luckily, with a proper inspection you can identify weaknesses and get your roof in top shape before putting your house on the market. You may spend a little, but you will make a good return once your house is sold.

Have your roof looked at today! Call us and make an appointment and we will assess your roof and provide a full evaluation of its condition. We can also take care of any repairs or replacement and guarantee to have your house ready for sale in no time.

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