Did you know that 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions and 38% of Americans absolutely never make New Year’s Resolutions? The top four New Year’s Resolutions are related to self-improvement, weight/health, money/job and personal relationships. But what about resolutions for the biggest part of your investment, your commercial roof, most American commercial property owners forget about their commercial flat roof!

New Year’s Resolutions For Your Commercial Roof That You Should Keep

1. Inspect your commercial roof: Depending on what part of the country you live in, annual roof inspections are very important. A roof inspection of your commercial flat roof can prevent inexpensive roof issues becoming expensive roof issues. It’s also prudent inspect after a storm comes through your area. Here in Los Angeles, California we see more flat roof neglect that causes commercial property owners huge amounts of money in either major roof restoration or premature roof replacement. Which all could have been avoided by a simple roof inspection.

We will inspect your roof for free and provide an electronic roof report for your files.

2. Clean your commercial roof: OMG! We have literally inspected thousands of commercial flat roofs that were full of debris. Beside the obvious, a clean flat roof looks better than a dirty flat roof; a clean flat roof performs better than a dirty one. If your flat roof has leaves, foliage and other roof debris it not only inhibits drainage but it foster organic growth. Roof debris can clog in-roof drains and scuppers. This roof debris begins to decompose on your roof’s surface, which can cause your roofing membrane to deteriorate prematurely… ROT!

If you have a single ply roof system like TPO, an annual roof cleaning of the roof’s surface will bring back it to its bright white appearance and its reflectivity, which will improve the energy efficiency of the TPO roof system.

3. Maintain your commercial roof: Many commercial property owners forget this part of roof management. But as we say, “Roofs are like windshield wipers, we only think about them when it rains.” A simple commercial roof maintenance program doesn’t have to be expensive. You can use your own maintenance people to inspect and clean your flat roof. If they discover a possible roof issue you can contact a local roofing contractor.

Hiring a professional roofing contractor is usually more efficient than using building maintenance personnel. If you can locate a roofing company that specializes in roof maintenance they will already have a roof maintenance program that can be tailored to your specific commercial flat roof. Usually, it is a one-time upfront investment. They will clean and inspect your roof, identify and repair any present and what could be future roof problems or leaks. They should provide an electronic roof report and depending on how long your roof maintenance and warranty program is they will inspect, clean and repair on the anniversary of the roof program. The best part is, if there is a roof leak they will come out and fix the roof leak for free.