Your commercial roofing not only protects your building but it adds value to the property. A damaged or poorly installed roof can end up being an expensive problem. With regular maintenance throughout the year, you can be assured that your roof will persevere and keep you safe, warm and dry for years to come. The changes of climate and unpredictability of weather can cause damage to even the strongest commercial roofing. Materials can get knocked loose, punctures can appear in the membranes and water can leak through cracks causing mold and wood rot.

Roof Maintenance through the Seasons

You need to regularly inspect your roof to identify any signs of damage because the earlier you find this; the easier it is to repair. A small leak or tear can turn into a bigger problem very quickly, and soon you have an expensive repair or replacement project on your hands. Every city experiences the seasons differently, but there are some general tips that apply to roof maintenance no matter where you are. By following the tips provided, your roof will endure through the changing seasons and withhold the value and investment you put in.

Seasonal Maintenance

As spring approaches you want to inspect the roof for damage created during the colder months. This is a good time to look for small leaks both internally and externally. Sometimes leaks can be hard to spot, so a professional inspection is recommended to make sure they are not missed. Small leaks can turn into bigger problems, so it is better to find them sooner. Spring is also a good time to get your roof ready for winter by trimming back any trees that could potentially break and drop onto your roof during winter storms. Over the summer months, the heat can damage your roof, especially in hotter climates. Check your roof often to make sure there are no cracks forming and if you spot any cracks, consult a roofing professional right away.

You want to get those repaired before the harsh winter months approach. As you get into the autumn months, the weather will cool but you still have time to get the roof ready for winter rains and snow. Be sure to remove all debris from the roof regularly, so there is no additional buildup or weight which can damage the roof’s stability. During the winter, there is not much to do unless you have a roofing emergency. The most important thing you can do for your roof during winter months is to remove snow and ice before it accumulates. The weight of snow can damage your roof and melted snow water or collected rain can leak through to the interior.

The temperature can be extreme and the weather can change from day to day, but if you stay on top of roof maintenance and work alongside a professional contractor, chances is your roof will go the distance. The more diligent and prepared you are during the year, the longer lifespan your roof will have. Repairs will be inevitable, but you can keep repair costs down and avoid complete replacements with regular inspections and upkeep.

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