It’s no secret, when it comes to lighting the popular choice is natural light. And there is no better way to bring this into your home than with sun tunnels or skylights. Skylights are known for their excellent ventilation, energy efficiency and their ability to bring natural light into even the darkest areas. Sun tunnels have a smaller footprint but have been known to cast light in areas where skylights would be considered impractical. So which is the better option? Well, before you make your final decision, let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


If you are considering installing skylights, here are a few things that you should know in advance. One of the most important features is that skylights have changed quite dramatically over time. Therefore, you can erase your previous images of acrylic bubbles from the 1980s and the dripping skylights of the 1960s. Instead, you can replace these images with improved energy efficient versions and new designs, with ventilated options that functions at the touch of a button. One style, in particular, can be described as a no-leak skylight that fits into your custom décor.

Additionally, these updated versions of skylights also feature several different options. For instance, you may want to choose solar blinds to improve the energy efficiency of your building. Or, you may decide to select an electrically operated skylight instead of the manually operated styles and these come in a wide selection of light blocking materials and light diffusing alternatives.

What You need to Know About Skylight Installations

As you make your selection, it is important to consider any concerns that you may have about skylights and the associated installations. For instance, the price of these installations will vary based on the type of glass installed, size, presence of new drywall, paint, framing insertions and alterations. While the price of these modifications may appear to be quite hefty to any building owner, you must also factor in the financial benefits in energy efficiency that you will gain. You can easily recoup the cost within 2 years or less when switching from artificial lighting to natural lighting.


  • Skylights are attached directly to the roof of commercial buildings
  • Minimizes cooling, heating, and lighting costs
  • Skylights can be open and closed to release humidity and to allow fresh air into your space


  • Initial installation (out of pocket) cost can easily add up. So, you must be prepared to pay for the front end cost before recouping the financial benefits.

Sun Tunnel

If you are considering installing a sun tunnel, here are a few things that you should know in advance. One of the most important features, is that the sun tunnel can be classed among the newest trends in natural lighting. Also known as a tubular skylight and sun tube, they are used in green-lighting projects and are very simple to install. Designed to simply bring the natural light into your buildings, they are made to act like a mirror which channels the light in via a sheet metal tube that has an interior polish.

What You need to Know About Sun Tunnel Installations

As you consider your options, it is important to remember and address any concerns that you may have about Sun Tunnel and the associated installations. For instance, these installations can be completed at a fraction of the cost that’s normally required for a skylight installation. Therefore, the average cost of these installations is much less than skylights, especially if you are concerned about the initial out of pocket expenses.


  • Price of Initial Installations are a lot more affordable
  • Energy Savings achieved when comparing to electrical cost


  • Generates less lighting than electrical lighting
  • Cost varies significantly when the price is based on multiple floors and sun tunnel extensions

Selecting Best Option for Your Needs and Preferences

  • Energy efficiency
  • Installation cost
  • Style and Quality Preferences
  • Solar Heating Potential • Convenience in Control and Accessibility
  • Amounts of Light Generated
  • Multiple Floors Vs Single Floor Installations

Choosing the best option for your needs is essential to making the right choice. Aside from this, you should also make sure that you hire a professional to complete the work properly in order to prevent leaks ans well as to reap the ultimate energy performance benefits. By doing your homework in advance, you can achieve the best financial benefits and best lighting for your building.

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