Flat rooftops, which are seen as the architectural standard for many industrial and commercial buildings, are becoming more popular for other zoning types as well. As businesses and establishments seek to adapt to growing economic and environmental concerns and demands, more and more are beginning to take full advantage of the benefits flat rooftops offer. The application of horizontal design features in roof structures improves accessibility for maintenance and upkeep, potentially provides additional surface areas for use and development and comes with a more affordable price tag than traditional sloped and shingled rooftops. If you’re looking for a practical roof solution, the flat roof may offer just the benefits and flexibility you seek.

The Advantages of Flat Rooftops

Roof repair and maintenance can be costly and dangerous, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment, training, and expertise. Flat rooftops are far more accessible and, since they don’t require the same kind of paneling or tiles, are easier to maintain and repair. All that’s needed is a ladder or steps; no scaffolding or harnesses required. Many repairs and regular maintenance of flat rooftops can even be completed by the owner of the building, making it that much more convenient and cost-effective to repair.

A roof with such easy access and flat surfacing allows for further development of the space as real estate. Many schools, residential property managers, and local businesses are giving back to their communities and environment by developing flat rooftops as activity centers. The construction and regular upkeep of parks, playgrounds, and agricultural hubs popping up as inner-city farms and gardens thanks to the space provided by flat rooftops, is a testament to their architectural flexibility and function. The creative ingenuity of home and business owners can be expressed in versatile and exciting new ways, helping local community and culture thrive.

Even beyond eco-friendliness and accessibility, flat rooftops are more cost effective in the long run. The initial costs of construction of flat rooftops are far less than traditional sloped shingles and, although they require maintenance and inspection more frequently than traditional styles, flat rooftops have the potential to last longer than your standard sloped roof. A well-maintained flat roof ensures that the home or business owner will enjoy cost effectiveness from their rooftop.

The benefits available with a flat rooftop may give your home or business the creative and eco-friendly edge it needs to not only stand out, but to give back. So, maybe it is time to consider what you would do with a flat roof?

If you’re interested in flat rooftop as a practical design choice for your commercial or residential building, contact the experts at Alta Roofing and Waterproofing to generate a quote or discuss available roofing options and maintenance packages.

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