Fascia boards are an integral part to any roofing system. They are the portion of the building’s exterior rim that the gutter is usually attached to. We expect a great deal from these boards and their location makes them vulnerable. Because of this it is important to check and care for them regularly and repair them before serious damage is done.

Tips to Repair Your Fascia Board

It is important that fascia boards look good and last a long time, and they will if you choose a decay-resistant species of wood for the job. You want to go with heartwood from cedar or cypress as a first choice. You also want to choose boards that have grain structures that are not likely to split, warp, or twist. This can easily happen after being rained on and baked in the sun alternately for a period of time. Should you notice any damage to the fascia boards, you want to get it repaired before to much damage is done to the entire roofing system. There are a few helpful tips to ensure you get your fascia boards are well taken care of.

  • Be careful where you nail your fascia: You should never nail a fascia board near the edge of the end grain. This will most likely cause a split and damage down the line. Splits do not look good and they allow water to get into the fascia board which causes rotting and decay. You should always nail to the end of trusses or after the tail to avoid causing splits.
  • Use the best nails: Make sure you or the contractor always use stainless steel or hot-dipped, galvanized nails only. The same amount of labor is required so there is no additional cost but you will get more out of your fascia boards when you use the right nails.
  • Paint the ends of the boards: To protect the edges of your fascia boards, you need to paint them. The edges are the end grain of the wood and are vulnerable because wood wicks water to its edges and they eventually get wetter than other areas of the wood. Dipping each end of the fascia board in a high-quality primer paint adds a coat of protection to the edges. If you leave it in the prime for a few minutes it wicks up the pain making it even stronger and up for the challenges fascia boards face.


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