Roofing is a large investment for commercial building owners and regular maintenance is the key to protecting your investment. Having to prematurely replace your commercial roofing is expensive and can be prevented with proper roof care. Over time, your roof will wear for several reasons. There are common causes of roof deterioration that you should know, so you can best protect your roof.

What Causes Commercial Roof Failure?

  1. Exposure: The weather in your local area impacts the roof, be it excessive sun exposure, rain, snow, or heavy winds. You also have to consider if your roofing is exposed to pollutants and chemicals that may be used in the surrounding areas.
  2. Structural movement: Expansion and contraction on roofs are common, especially in regions that get particularly hot and cold throughout the year. The signs to look for will be blistering or cracking.
  3. Biological growth: Check for signs of vegetation or other growth such as algae. Pooled water can allow for growth and mold which can damage the integrity of the roof.
  4. Not fixing problems promptly: Do you fix problems as soon as you find them? Not doing so can lead to more serious and expensive problems. You also need to check if the insulation has been damaged and if there is a large amount of debris clogging the drains.
  5. Forgetting about maintenance: Preventive maintenance is the best solution to roof preservation and extending the service life. The biggest cause of premature commercial roof failure is neglecting regular maintenance.
  6. Change in the use of the building: Any time use for the building changes it may become exposed to different causes of deterioration such as chemicals, and an increase in humidity that causes condensation. These 6 threats wear down a roof over time, and before you know it the roof is in critical condition. In addition to these, there are 4 other factors that can cause immediate problems that can be even more damaging.
  7. Extreme weather: This can include lightning, high winds, hail, drenching rains, etc.
  8. Equipment additions: HVAC units and other items can cause damage if not installed properly
  9. Trade damage: Damage that occurs during repairs or roofing maintenance such as punctures, holes, and tears.
  10. Unintended abuse: This can include vandalism or accidental damage

The Biggest Offenders

Out of all these threats, the two biggest problems for roofing are damage caused by people and obstructed drainage. Damage can occur to the roof by those who are working on it or maintaining it. A dropped screwdriver for example can cause a puncture that allows water to enter the roof. Additionally leaves that pile up can block drains which cause damage and increases the risk for mold.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what the main issues that can cause deterioration or premature commercial roof failure are can help you better care for your roof. Do not wait until it is too late to prevent the issue from further developing. Regularly check and maintain your roof to prolong its lifespan, and when you spot any damage, get it repaired right away.


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