Leaks are a common roofing problem and they occur because of regular wear and tear as well as severe weather. It is important to find a leak early so as to prevent serious damage but many people do not realize they have a leak until after they see the damage. Any visible water damage inside the building could indicate that you have a leak. It can be challenging to find the real source of a leak, so you should call a roofing contractor to help.

What Do You Need to Know About Finding And Fixing A Roof Leak?

While you can attempt to find leaks yourself and repair them if they are small enough, it is better to call a roofer. Check the common places for leaks such as the penetrations. Vents, ducts, dormers, and siding are common places for leaks to start. Water stains, mold, and black marks are identifying signs of a leaking roof and you should contact a roofer to inspect and repair the problem. Finding leaks is not always easy especially because some are very small. A professional roofer can locate these by soaking the roof with water and watching for leaks on the inside. Additionally they can move aside plastic vapor barriers that conceal smaller leaks. These barriers are often installed with building insulation and make it hard to find leaks.

  • Vents: Plumbing vent boots are made from plastic, metal, or both and can crack or open with weather or aging. The vent boot is a good place to start looking for leaks. If you find any broken seams or cracked plastic, you need to replace them right away. As you replace the broken or cracked vent, you should replace all nails with screws as they interfere less with the roofing material, meaning tears and leaks will be less likely.
  • Dormers: Severe weather can force water to leak from places other than the rooftop. Cracks in windows, dormers, and siding will allow water to seep inside. You can perform your own check of the edges with a knife to identify any leaks. You can repair the cracks yourself or call a roofer to add new caulk or sealant to the damaged areas.
  • Flashing: Flashing is usually installed in buildings where the walls intersect the roof and are designed to move water away from the roof to prevent pooling. Flashing is prone to rust which weakens it and allows leaking. If you see any rusted or defective flashing, contact a professional roofer and have it repaired immediately.

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