The roof of your building can suffer many problems including aging and poor roofing services, both of which can cost you a great deal of money when it comes to repair services. Repair services are unavoidable, and it is better to solve the roof problems before they get to a critical stage so that you don’t have to spend more than necessary. Here are some critical issues that your roof is likely to suffer:

Stagnant Water

Sometimes referred to as ponding water, stagnant water refers to the water that stays on your roof for two or more days. With the fact that many commercial buildings have a flat roof, the stagnant water can start to gain access to the building passing through the roofing membrane causing significant damage. While it is true that some commercial buildings have some slight slopes designed to lead the water away, in most cases, the pooling of water is unavoidable. Moreover, the sun might play a part by heating up the hot bituminous system thereby creating gaps. One remedy for this problem is conducting regular inspections to your roof and make sure that the drainage system is working well.

Non-quality Work

Even if the materials bought for the completion of your roofing system were of top quality, poor workmanship could reduce the system’s life expectancy significantly. Apart from purchasing high-quality roofing materials, take time to find and hire high-quality roof contractors as well. The professional roofers will take their time to build high-quality roofs that will last for a long period. Remember, even though some roofing material manufacturers provide warranties for their materials, the warranty can be nullified if it is established that you did not hire licensed professional roofers to do the job.

Roofs that Leak

While identifying areas that may be leaking on your roof can be a daunting task, fixing some of them can prove to be an even tougher task. If the roofers do not do the repairs correctly, the roof is likely to leak further and probably more frequently. As a result, you may have to part with a lot of money for repairs. However, you can prevent this problem by conducting regular inspections of your roof and hiring experienced roofers to fix them.

While inspecting the roof, it is important to remember that the exterior edges and the interior parapet walls (the places where there are roof membrane covers) are places that are most likely to suffer from roof leaks. Also, in cases where the flashing is damaged, possibly due to strong winds, storms, and other external factors, the covers will be exposed which allows water and other forms of moisture to seep into the roofing system.  This can cause damage to that part of your building.

During roofing inspections, roofers should ensure that all roofing penetrations such as pipes, drains, vents, and other similar things have secured installation to prevent leaking.

Low-Quality Roof Repairs

In cases where the wrong roofing materials or inexperienced roofers were used during the roofing process, the next available option is to conduct proper repair services. The roofers should fix the initial problem by patching up the bad spots even though this is not a long-term solution. However, bad repair services will make the situation worse and lead to financial losses.

We strongly advise that you take advantage of any new technology when installing your roof because technology offers options that are durable and reliable as opposed to the traditional roofing options.

Regardless of the roofers that you hire or the types of materials that you use during your roofing process, a time will come when repairing the roof will be important and unavoidable. While some problems have instant solutions, others are critical and may require the expertise of professional roofers. It is also important to conduct regular inspections to allow you to detect roofing issues while they are still at the early and manageable stage. Remember, the longer you ignore potential roofing issues, the more time they are given to worsen and the more you will have to dig into your pockets to cover repair costs.

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