Roofing lingo can sometimes be a little difficult to understand. There are many terms or expressions which may not be familiar to you. One of the most important terms is “roof flashings”. Roof flashings are an extremely important part of your roof. They are used as structural metal fittings to prevent leaks and they are also sometimes used to repair vulnerable areas on roofs. Flashings are less conspicuous on metal roofing or polycarbonate roofing, but you may occasionally notice new fittings, even on some modern roofs.

Why Roof Flashings Are Needed

The importance of flashings becomes obvious when you consider the risks associated with roof leaks. Roof leaks can do almost unbelievable damage to the interior of a home. A single leak can affect your electrical system and even cause fires, rot support timbers, promote mold and fungus growth, and spread very quickly.

The cost of repairs for this kind of damage can be extremely high. Add to this the fact that you will also have to do significant roof repairs, and the price of fixing the problems can be astronomical.

Roof flashings and gutters are your defenses against these problems. The good news here is that experienced roofers can find and fix roof flashing problems quickly. A few dollars’ worth of roof flashings can save tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential damage.


You don’t have to be a roofing expert to find possible signs of roof deterioration. If you have an older home, the chances are that some of the flashings will have deteriorated over time.

Look for:

  • Roofing tiles or panels that seem out of alignment: This is a classic sign of some form of roof deterioration. It may be minor, but it does need fixing. Your roofers will check the roof for structural issues, and complete a comprehensive repair job for you.
  • Discoloration of interior walls or ceilings: Something that looks like a stain is the usual sign. If you see this discoloration, you do have a leak and you should get on the phone right now and get it fixed. An established leak can be serious trouble, particularly if you get heavy rain.
  • Moldy smells: Molds only develop in the presence of water. There must be water getting into the home somewhere, and the roof is the usual suspect. Even if you can’t see it, get a roofer to find and fix the problem. Molds can cause significant health problems for people with respiratory illnesses like asthma, as well as older people and young kids. The sooner you address this problem the better.

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