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Birds cause millions of dollars in damage to structures in addition to causing health risk and leaving behind unsightly waste. All common methods of deterring bird infestation lose effectiveness over time. Birds are intelligent and they quickly become immune to spikes, plastic owls, reflective gels, light and laser devices even shock wire, all lose effect over time. Flock Off technology is different. It creates an electromagnetic force field that interrupts birds’ biological navigation senses. Birds will immediately, humanely, and permanently relocate themselves and never return.

We are San Diego’s FIRST OFFICIAL CERTIFIED installer of this technology!

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download our brochure
Innovative Bird Control
Bird Abatement Flock Off Technology
Why Use Flock off

Flock Off has been successfully installed on 10,000+ structures including commercial, residential, agricultural, billboards, signal towers, solar panels, sports venues, utilities, and more!

Why Use Flock Off Technology