Alta Roofing & Waterproofing is a family company. Making sure each of our employees makes it home safely at the end of the day is a top priority.


We are constantly striving to improve our safety program. In addition to making safety a focus for all of our employees, we have regular outside education and auditing to make sure we’re aware of the newest advances in safety regulations and technology.

Safety meetings

Monthly – Company-Wide Safety Meetings

Each month, mandatory, all-employee safety training is held at our San Diego headquarters. This training is conducted by Safety Compliance Company

At each meeting a different topic is covered, ensuring that the knowledge base of our employees is constantly expanding.

Safety Compliance Company also conducts random inspections/audits of our projects to ensure that these educational meetings are working.

For more information please visit the Safety Compliance Company.

Weekly – Tool Box Talks

Toolbox talks are required to be conducted weekly by each crew. The talks are conducted by the foreman of the crew and are documented in writing.

The toolbox talks cover similar topics as the monthly company-wide safety meetings, but also emphasize how the lessons are applied to the job-site the crew is working on.​

Tool Box Talk
Roof Top Safety

Roof Top Safety Equipment

Fall protection to minimize fall exposure is a key part of keeping field staff safe. Our goal is to meet or exceed the safety requirements of our customers on every project.

For more information on our safety program, contact us.