Industrial Roofing in San Diego

A good roof is always crucial to keep the occupants below safe and sheltered. Large industries and manufacturing plants would require a strong roofing system to avoid high costs from leakages and damages. Mostly industrial roofing tends to use low or flat slope roof design.

We can help with all your roofing needs. Regular upkeep and maintenance of your industrial roof can save you a lot of money in the long run by preventing the problems that occur from neglect. Debris that is washed down from clogged and uncleaned gutters accounts for most blocked drains.

Besides blocked drains, uncleaned gutters that are full of debris can cause overflow problems, rotting fascia boards, damp brickwork and leaking joints. There are five kinds of roofing materials normally used for industrial roofing.

Roofing materials used for industrial roofing

  • Modified Bitumen

It is asphalt with modifiers which are added to it to make it plastic or rubber-like characteristics making it more durable.

  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

This type of industrial roofing consists of multiple layers of material that are laminated together.

  • Metal Roofing

This isn’t the best solution for completely flat roofs, and it is terrific for roofs which have a low slope. Generally made of steel, copper, aluminum or metal roofs are also be attractive.

  • Singly Ply Roofing

It is also known as to as TPO or PVC and is composed of four essential elements; an adhesive, an insulation layer, one ply membrane usually fabricated of rubber or plastic and flashing.

  • Spray Foam

It is applied in the form of a liquid, and it forms a seamless, continuous, protective barrier which are put around pipes, vents, and other protrusions throughout the roof.

Benefits of choosing us

We have adopted an advanced system of laying roofs and not affecting the aesthetic style and sense of the structures and in these best roofs went on to discover new methods for preparing innovation structures of various roofing sheets in which it utilizes newly formulated fixing methodologies. We preserve best products at market leading rates best suitable to clients’ affordable budget.

With our extensive experience in assisting industrial property owners to reduce business disruptions, we are determined and convenient when making repairs which include worker safety and tenant business, access to the parking lot and reducing other business disruptions. Also, we can assure you fast response time, which includes 24-Hour Emergency repairs and Service using the best quality materials. We offer a no-cost examining to review repair or maintenance needs.

We are based in San Diego, and we are proud to accommodate all your roofing needs. Do you need a roof repair or looking for commercial roofing contractors in San Diego? Please give us a call and schedule an on-site inspection today. We will take great pride in your roofs.

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