The weather may seem bearable to you, but when the sun beats down all day on a black roof, the materials would not agree with you. There can be days where it gets so hot, you feel as though you could cook on the roof of your building. You should always be aware of any changes to weather that can cause potential damage to your building. Most people worry about the damage rain can do, and forget that blistering heat is just as dangerous for roofing.

A Cool Roof for Your Commercial Building

The majority of commercial buildings have gray-colored roofing surfaces and this is not good when it comes to continuous sun exposure. UV exposure elevates roof surface temperatures to dangerously high numbers which prompted the creation of cool roofing systems. Thanks to durability, reflectivity, and better energy efficiency, cool roofing systems are the best way to save money and protect your roof. Cool roofing absorbs less heat than standard granulated roofing so they do not get as hot and this means better regulation of inner building temperatures.

This reduces overall maintenance and energy costs. It also ensures your roof will last longer because heat can cause serious and expensive damage. Cool roofing also helps the environment by reducing carbon emissions and the overall “urban heat island” effect which is a common problem in cities. A fluid-applied cool roofing system is the best option to go for when it comes to cool roofing. This is easily be applied over existing systems like modified bitumen, metal, and single-ply roofing that are already in place. You won’t need to re-roof which saves you money and time as this can be destructive and very costly. With cool roofing, you will enjoy energy savings on your bill and more comfortable building temperatures.

Final Thoughts

If you have a standard dark-colored roof and want to reduce your energy usage and carbon footprint, reach out to us today to discuss your cool roofing options. We will keep you cool no matter how hot the weather gets and ensure that you get the most out of your commercial roofing.


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