As a protective layer, the roof is exposed to the elements, making it vulnerable to damage. Winds can remove or loosen roofing materials as well as throw objects against the roof causing punctures. Rain can collect in pools which weakens the roof, leading to leaks. Without proper maintenance and early identification of these issues, your roof can become seriously damaged. Weather and poor maintenance are the leading causes of roof damage and the five most common types of damage and how to fix them are below.

1. Problems with Installation

Poor workmanship and low-quality materials are the top cause of roof damage. This is a common problem for those that are not familiar with roofing installations. Without this, you may not know what good-quality roofing looks like. The roof needs to be properly prepared and materials need to be adhered securely. Working with a professional and reputable roofer may cost a little more, but you can be assured of quality work, top materials, and proper installation techniques.

2. No Maintenance

Commercial roofing has a large surface which means there is a large space to cover during inspections. These larger roofs are harder to maintain which is why a regular maintenance program is essential. With bi-annual inspections, you can identify potential problems early such as cracked materials, loosened flashing, and punctures. The earlier these are identified, the easier the repairs will be.

3. Leaking

Water pooling and leaks are one of the most common roofing problems. Extreme weather, punctures and tears, worn materials, and poor installation can all contribute to leaking. With commercial roofing, loosened flashing is also a common cause of leaks, so this needs to be checked regularly. Any signs of leaking should not be ignored, and the source needs to be identified and repaired right away.

4. Bad Flashing Installation

The flashing on commercial roofing can weaken over time. This essential barrier is crucial in the prevention of leaks, cracks, and billowing. Typically winds and rain caused damage to flashing, so checking it after any storms or severe weather can help maintain its longevity. If the flashing is loose or improperly sealed, serious problems and leaks can occur.

5. Prior Repairs

Previous work or repairs that have not been done properly can cause issues. The work may have been done with low-quality materials or may not have been done properly. Bad repair work is a common cause of commercial roofing problems, so it is important to work with a reputable roofing company.

Final Word

Damaged roofing or leaks can be a serious problem and can cause you a lot of stress. Let us handle the work for you. With quality materials, and experienced roofers, you have one less thing to worry about and you get a safe, reliable roof that will last for years. So call us today for free estimate.

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