Metal roofs are loud. This is a myth as they are no louder than a traditional shingle roof. People assume that metal roofing is noisier. There are misplaced fears of the sound of rain or falling debris echoing through the house. But this just is not true. There is no need to get earplugs because metal roofing is no louder than any other type of roof. Not only is the roof not loud, but it is cheaper and more durable so you get more for your money.

How Loud is a Metal Roof?

Metal can be loud though, so how exactly does your metal roof stay quiet? There are other materials used in the roofing that muffle sounds typically associated with metal. Things have improved dramatically since the days where a metal sheet was placed across some rafters. Those roofing systems were noisy indeed, but this is not something you have to worry about these days. Insulation is used now with metal roofing that dulls any excess sounds. There are also deep textured folds in the metal that prevent ‘pinging’ sounds that are often associated with metal. The airspace between your roof and attic along with ventilation absorbs any sound that is created from something striking the roof. If there is no airspace, then padding is used to mask any sounds. When roofs are installed with solid sheathing, they absorb sound better than a shingle roof would. In reality, you will not hear a bunch of noises with a metal roof. Studies have even found that the difference in decibels between metal and shingle roofing is so small that human ears cannot even detect the change.

Other Common Myths about Metal Roofing

People also worry about metal roofing causing interference with their cell phone reception, but this is another myth. Unless you already have a poor reception in the building, a metal roof does not make a difference. Metal roofing also does not make your building an obvious target should lightning strike. While metal does conduct electricity, lightning is not attracted to it. Rather it is attracted to the highest objects and trees are likely going to stand taller than your metal roof.
There is no real reason to fear to get a metal roof. There will not be excess noise, you will not be inviting lightning strikes, and your cell phone will work just fine.


Metal roofing may have developed a bad reputation because of some poor misconceptions, but it is an affordable and reliable way to cover your building. Feel free to discuss your concerns about metal roofing with us and we will show you the truths and benefits behind metal roofing systems.


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