2019 just started and promises to bring changes to the roofing industry. Uncertain immigration policies are sure to impact labor and the roofing industry, making predictions difficult. There is currently a labor shortage for roofing companies across the country but there could be good news on the horizon. It is possible that some success in tackling immigration laws could change this situation for the better.

Immigration Laws and the Roofing Industry in 2019

At this time, we are hoping for a positive immigration reform that will resolve the labor shortage challenges currently facing the industry. Statistics show that up to 20 percent of the recent loss in roofing business is a direct result of worker shortages. The current attempts to slow illegal immigration have been successful and this is influencing roofing labor. Sensible immigration reform could be the solution and would make it possible to end these labor shortages. With the availability of labor increases, the roofing industry could stand a chance of recouping the loss of recent business. More than half the workers in construction and roofing are of Hispanic origin, which is why the industry has been hit so hard by current immigration laws. As the government continues to argue between the need for additional workers and the demand for secure borders, these immigration reforms may be a long way off yet.

A recent innovation has been developed to make roofing installation easier and the industry has made efforts to certify workers and increase the prestige of working in these trade professions. While these are promising steps forward, there is still much loss without adequate manpower. Despite these additional efforts being made to improve things in the meantime, only reforms will meet the current unmet demand.


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