One of the outstanding features of the Spanish style roof is its beautiful tiles. These tiles give your roof a more magnificent color and texture that makes them more appealing than the plain shingle roofing. People are more familiar with the Spanish style roof today because of their exciting design elements that can add class to any historic structure or building.

The History of the Spanish Style Roof

Spain has been using mosaic tiles over hundreds of years to construct cathedrals, palaces and in the creation of decorative features on the roofs, walls, and floors among other areas. Spanish style roof earned popularity in modern history among the builders in contemporary society beginning in Florida. The contemporary builder in Florida would use the ceramic tiles by overlaying them with one another to provide a bright option and create water channels different from the flat and dark shingle asphalts. People have been making structural improvements and underlayment with time on the Spanish style roof to improve their service life and durability. The recent technological developments have facilitated replication of the appearance using metal and synthetic materials while eliminating the fragile nature associated with the traditional ceramics.


Today, companies are creating Spanish style roof using concrete tiles, ceramic or by rolling metal sheets to look like tiles. However, you can dye the concrete and ceramic options to a wide range of colors such as luscious green, bright red or deep orange. Spanish style roof has been trending because of using pigment powders attract more people who explore patterns and colors that are adding a curb appeal and reflecting the heat. Today, the structural improvement that comes with these tiles eases their replacements and installation as opposed to their predecessors. Therefore, you can easily fix the broken tiles and prevent them against pulling up when high winds are prevailing. If you love Spanish construction, they have a huge added durability benefit over their predecessors.

Some companies offer you with Spanish style roof made from copper among other metal options to increase durability. Such options are good because of their more extended durability, lightweights, and higher reflective properties compared to the concrete or ceramic options. Additionally, the design criteria of this sheet metal roofing increase the ability to withstand even the most severe weather conditions. Therefore, you will not need to replace your roof at any time in the near future. Using the Spanish style roof to your historic structure or home will help you achieve your desire of adding beauty and value in the short-term and long-term basis.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to use the Spanish style roof tile, contact Alta Roofing & Waterproofing. We will provide you with several options for the Spanish style roofing among other roofing materials suitable for various needs. For instance, copper Spanish tiles can help you to increase the flare of your building or home. You can learn about other roofing options by contacting us today.

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