In a perfect world, roofing estimates would follow a universal format containing the same pieces of information that are easy to comprehend. In reality, estimates can come in a variety of formats and sometimes lack certain details, preventing you from making an informed decision or leaving you entirely confused. To choose a reliable commercial roofing contractor for your project and avoid any unexpected financial problems, your roofing estimate should have each of the following items included.


Estimates shouldn’t just spell out the projected overall cost of the job. They need to provide a breakdown of all expenses including materials, labor, and permits. Some contractors leave some costs out as a way to keep the estimate low so you will choose them. Later, the unmentioned items appear on the written agreement and may be accidentally overlooked and agreed to. If the bid’s cost breakdown is inconsistent with the contract’s, your prospective roofing contractor has either made a mistake or tried taking advantage of you.


Whether you are getting repairs or full installation, and regardless of the roofing style, the estimate should specifically say which materials are going to be used. It should also say what types of warranties will be extended to you and your roof.


You don’t have to wait for the contract to know who’s responsible for what. Your estimate should give you an idea about the services for which you’re going to pay. Many contractors automatically add the fees for cleanup and debris disposal but some will not, so you may want to ask about those up front. It is important to manage your expectations because many roofers will charge extra for additional requests without telling you.

Start and Completion Dates

Estimates are primarily used for accurate budgeting but they are also beneficial to project scheduling, too. Good estimates provide realistic roof replacement and repair timelines, assuming there are no unexpected problems on the job as it happens.

Payment Terms

A reliable estimate explains not only how much the project will cost you, but how you can pay the bill. The contract usually provides a lengthier explanation of payment terms, but the estimate will give you an idea of how the proposed payment term works. Entrust your roofing project to us and we will happily answer any questions about the estimate and the project that you may have. We work with you to get the job done the way you want it so, contact us today to discuss your needs, and get a free estimate.

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