No longer merely an oddity in rehabbing or the original construction of today’s housing and commercial buildings, the green roof movement is growing. Planning a roofing project with partial or total coverage with a living landscape is intriguing and offers a broad range of tangible benefits. If you are considering investing in a green roof, here are just some of its many benefits.

Manages Storm water Runoff

Dealing with storm water runoff for your home or business can be a real struggle. Torrential rains and intense storms appear to become more common, and this level of water leaving your roof can cause serious structural and foundation problems. Studies show that the use of green roofs dramatically reduces the flow of water off of the roof. The need for intricate and overwhelmed gutter and drainage systems and their maintenance is drastically reduced or even eliminated.

The positive effects for your community are also vast, as the rainfall that drained off your property and onto pavements and into storm sewers, is greatly diminished. When you and other property owners choose green roofs, the storm water minimization eases stress on aging infrastructure.

Enhances Air Quality

Green plants help balance the ratio of carbon dioxide to oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Any increase in green spaces within an urban area improves air quality. Your support of a green roof offers you and your neighbors a less polluted atmosphere, and also cools the air, helping to reduce the heat urban which areas emit.

Offers Energy Efficiency

Cooling and heating costs are less when you invest in green roof technology. The plants shield the roof decks and the top of your house from the relentless heat of the sun during the summer months. This results in less need for air conditioning and allows you to save significantly on your energy bill. The benefits do not stop when the weather turns cooler. A green roof provides additional insulation during the heating months, keeping heat inside at less cost. Your savings also translate into an environmental benefit, as you need for less heating and cooling means fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Creates A Wildlife Haven

Prepare to be amazed at the number and variety of birds and other species that will be attracted to your new green roof. Take the time to research the types of plants and density of vegetation required by beneficial insects and other creatures who want to share your green space. Your green roof will become a safe habitat, improving the chance that endangered and fascinating creatures will find a refuge on your roof. Enjoy the show and the knowledge that you are making a real difference in providing a place for wildlife to thrive.

Expands Living And Working Space

Traditional roofs are not inviting for relaxation. A green roof, on the other hand, can become an oasis for you, your friends, and your family. Adding that much-needed area to your home profile is a real positive aspect when you are considering whether to install a green roof.

If your property is commercial, examine the benefits of extending the opportunity to spend time in or viewing a green space right in the heart of an urban area. Your employees and customers will enjoy the roof, and if your business allows, the roof can also cater to children or the elderly. Alowing access to green spaces has been proven to have highly beneficial outcomes.

Makes Economic Sense

Green roofs may be more expensive to design and install, but they last longer than conventional roofs. The plantings protect the membrane and the added heating and cooling expense reduction makes good business and personal investment sense. On a more global level, your decision improves the quality of your own as well as the community’s life. Savings on infrastructure upkeep may mitigate rising property taxes, and less reliance on fossil fuels keeps those prices from going higher.

Give You A Place To Reuse

In an urban area it is hard to figure out how to compost your organic matter or reuse other items. A green roof will absorb all the compost you can make and give you plenty of ideas about how to repurpose all manner of personal, business, and household articles.

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