When putting your home on the market, you are faced with the decision of how much – if anything – to spend on home improvements in an effort to boost the value of your property. Perhaps your budget will not stretch to ripping out all the fixtures and fittings and fully renovating from scratch, or maybe you simply feel reluctant to spend so much time and money on a house you are hoping to wave goodbye to in the near future. However, there are some relatively low cost, low effort modifications you could make now that would be noticeably reflected in the increased value of your home.

First impressions are everything, they say. How many times have you walked past a house and thought it looked shabby, only to look a little closer and realize that with a fresh lick of paint it could actually look like a very nice home?

Getting some or all of the exterior of your house repainted is a relatively inexpensive way in which you can instantly improve your home’s curb appeal and leave a lasting impression on visitors, and potential buyers if you are looking to sell. Experts say exterior enhancements like this can generate a return of up to 5% in your profit margins in a house sale, so for such a low investment it really is a no brainer.

Most buyers are looking for a property they feel they can move straight into without having to spend time and money creating their dream home, after the exhausting and expensive house purchase process. So sprucing up the exterior of your property is one of the best ways you can tick the buyer’s ‘dream home’ box and leave them with the satisfaction of moving into a home that feels finished.

Where to start

Well, you could consider taking on the project yourself. However, a lot of people decide that this is one job best left for the professionals, as given its high visibility profile as far as home improvements go, it is not one you can afford to make a mistake with.

Experienced house painting specialists will not only paint your exterior to an excellent standard in quality materials and workmanship, but also ensure a weatherproof and long-lasting finish.

Here are some points you might want to consider before embarking on the mission:

How much to paint?

While a full exterior paint makeover will have the most dramatic impact on the appearance of your home, it is not the only option you have for improving your house’s curb appeal. Don’t underestimate the difference a freshly painted front door, porch, window sashes or soffits can have on your home’s image if you are looking to minimize costs.

Consider color

Your favorite color might be pistachio green, but this does not necessarily make it the best choice for your house’s exterior. First take into account the other visible materials and colors around the property and ensure the main color you are selecting is a complementary shade. Also consider how much you want to stand out from or blend in with any visible houses in the neighborhood.

Next, decide whether you want to opt for a light, medium or dark main shade, taking into account the effect you are trying to pull off. Are you trying to boost the appearance of size? If so selecting a lighter shade is best for this, while a darker shade would be recommended if you are trying to make a large property seem less overbearing in a small section.

Once you have your main color decided, a good approach is to then select another two shades from the same color strip for your details and accents. They should be far apart enough on the strip to be visibly different, in order to create an eye-catching contrast.


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