Roofing is an excellent career if you wish to get involved in the construction field as it means dealing with a variety of buildings from the residential to commercial buildings.

Just like any other career you will require to attain some qualifications to be a successful roofer and also need training to understand the tasks related to roofing. Let us start by discussing some of the activities carried out by roofers.

Repair and installing roofs

One of the tasks that you would be trained to do is the installation and repair of all types of roofs. Remember there are many varieties of roofing materials used and each type requires special skills. Some of these materials include cedar shingles, rubber roofing, metal roofing among others.

Another important detail you should keep in mind as a roofer is the fact that customers may require your services at any time and season. For example, if a client calls you during the rainy season due to a leakage on their roof, you should be ready and know how to solve their problem immediately.

Installing attic fans and ventilation ducts

Other activities carried out by a roofer includes installation of attic fans and ventilation ducts. When it comes to such tasks, as a roofer you must know how to do it from start to finish to ensure that everything is done properly and avoid leakages.

You should make sure that the decking is laid first and later place the felt that enables you to install the felt of roofing correctly by providing a safe and comfortable stepping place while working. The other thing that should follow after laying the felt is the shingles or metal membrane. In other words, as a roofer, you must be keen and ensure that you fully pay attention to every detail required to be followed when installing roofs.

What qualifies someone to become a roofer?

  • Right documents

If you want to become a professional roofer, you will need to undergo training and acquire the right credentials. You can learn the skills by enrolling in training whereby you have to fill in an apprenticeship program to learn all the roofing expertise and tactics. Some of the training offered include the usage of the right roofing tools, the precautions to take while on the roof and also how to install the different systems. Such training involves practical examinations which ensure that you get enough experience regarding roofing before you get real jobs.

  • Health

Taking good care of your body is essential when it comes to the roofing career as the job requires a lot of physical involvement; lifting, climbing, bending etc. Also with good health, you will be able to remain active and focus while working.

Jobs related to roofing career

According to research carried out by the US department of labor, the need for roofers is growing exceedingly more than any other employment due to the great demand for roof installations. A lot of people are investing in real estate, and therefore such projects will always need roofers.

Roofing is an excellent career to consider. Roofing services will always be required be it during the summer or winters as these seasons the roofs tend to get highly affected by the harsh climates. Also, the roofing career allows you to exercise all your physical and mental knowledge regarding how to either fix a brand new roof or repair an old roof. So try it today, and you will not regret having chosen the career.


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