Most property owners forget about their roofs until it’s breaking down on them. By the time this happens, damages could be serious and repairs will be expensive. With preventative maintenance, you can avoid this and extend the life of your roof. While the California climate is mostly warm and sunny, there is rain throughout the year. Heavy rains can do significant damage to a roof that has not been properly maintained. With these tips, you can protect your roof from rain damage and extend its lifespan.

  • Schedule regular inspections – One of the most important things you can do to protect your roof is to schedule regular inspections. A professional can identify weak spots on the roof that can be potential problems, so you can take care of them before serious damage occurs.
  • Clean the gutters – One of the most common factors in roof damage is poor drainage. When the water cannot drain away from the roof, it collects, causing damage. Regularly check and remove debris and leaves from the gutters so that water can flow away freely to prevent it from seeping into the structure.
  • Remove branches – Winds and bad weather can carry branches to the roof. If you have any trees near the building, winds can cause branches to bang against them. Heavy branches can cause dents and holes in roofing materials. To prevent this, keep any trees near the roof trimmed back so branches do not hang over the roof. After any high winds, check the roof and remove any branches or debris that may have landed there.
  • Check the HVAC – Proper maintenance for your HVAC unit is important for roof care. If not maintained, water can leak, pool, and cause damage to the roof.
  • Insulate the roof – Poorly insulated roofing and attic spaces can allow any water from the roof to seep into the structure. Once water gets inside, the structure can weaken, so make sure the insulation is installed properly and maintained.
  • Seal the walls – As part of regular roof maintenance, you should also check the walls. If you see any stains or cracks, you need to identify and repair the issue before the rains come.


To make sure your roofing lasts, follow these tips. Roofing repairs are harder to repair in winter months, so be sure to schedule inspections to get any repair taken care of early. For any help with installation, inspections, and maintenance, give us a call.

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