With global warming becoming more than just a news story, people are starting to take the state of the environment more seriously. Recycling, conservation, and protection are quickly becoming preferred activities as concern for the environment grows.

Your Roofing System and the Environment

With over 3000 landfills in the country, we are currently experiencing a state of too much trash. Households are already responsible for throwing out enough trash to fill 63,000 garbage trucks each day. With so much trash already piling up, the environment doesn’t need your roofing materials joining the dumps too. Many people do not realize that roofing materials end up in the landfills too, and with all the housing and developments projects across the country, that is a lot of additional waste.

Replacing your roof rather than building a new one saves on the amount of waste created. Most roofing projects in the country involve replacement and repairs for this very reason. Seeking out contractors that know how to effectively dispose of roof waste can help you do your part in protecting the environment. In addition to this, the better care you take of your roof, the longer it will last, which will cut down on the amount of roofing that is removed and thrown out.

Recycling in Roofing

The roofing industry has been keeping up with the times and cares about recycling and protecting the environment too. Not only can you request recyclable materials for your roof, but there are several green options available too.

  • TPO roofing is 100% recyclable because the membrane can be reused in the manufacturing process, so it ends up in a new roofing membrane and not a landfill.
  • Metal roofing can be made from recycled soda cans.
  • Shingles are now being reused to reduce the millions of tons that are thrown out each year.
  • Rubber roofing systems are recyclable and can be used for new roofing as well as for other projects such as flooring.
  • Solar panels are popular now and help save energy for both homes and businesses
  • Green roofing with live vegetation not only protects the environment, but it adds to the aesthetic appeal of a building and provides a peaceful refuge for everyone.

We understand the importance of recycling and saving the environment. With so much waste already being generated, we don’t want to add to it. Contac us today to discover what recycling or green options you have for your next roofing project and we guarantee to give both you and the environment nothing but the best treatment.

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