Commercial Roofing in Clairemont CA
San Diego is a vibrant and busy city, with many communities. Clairemont is one of the most popular of these communities as it supports both a residential and industrial climate. Resources and a thriving economy continue to bring new business ventures to the area and increased population. You never have to go far to reach a strip mall, shopping outlet, educational building, restaurant or even a city building. Commercial developments are everywhere and continue to develop to support the growing community.

Commercial Roofing in Clairemont CA

Commercial developments are located all across the city to accommodate the growing economy of the area. Commercial buildings require special maintenance because they are typically exposed to harsher conditions than residential or office buildings. It is therefore important to work with a trained and experienced commercial roofer to make sure you get and keep a reliable roofing system in place. Roofing problems can be very expensive on commercial buildings, especially considering that people and expensive equipment are often inside. You want to hire a roofer that has knowledge about the various roofing materials as well as designs specific to commercial buildings. They also need to be aware of all safety and legal requirements for these buildings as well as local codes. We understand how important the property is to you, so we provide and maintain reliable roofing for your commercial building and the businesses within.

The services we provide

We will take care of any minor roofing repairs, full roof installation, and regularly scheduled maintenance. Our professional and experienced team knows commercial roofing and delivers quality services and follow up with every project, big and small. To start, we fully inspect your building to determine the best style and design for your property as well as to identify any potential damages.

We have experience and knowledge of roofing for all commercial buildings and therefore have the skills to provide whatever service you need. We also understand that you will have a budget and will work to meet your financial needs too. We do not compromise quality for cost and ensure that you will get value for your money every time.

Your roofing options

When it comes to commercial roofing, there are a number of options available to you.

  • Coated roofing: A special coating is applied to the roof to extend longevity and this is a cost-effective option for getting a full replacement. A coated roof has a waterproof and reflective surface to help control your building’s internal temperature, which will save you money in energy bills.
  •  Metal roof: The standard roof style for commercial buildings that use corrugated metal panels attached to existing structures. Typically, steel or aluminum is used because they are light, strong and fire-resistant. You can also use galvanized steel which will last longer (close to 45 or 50 years).
  • Thermoplastic roofing: Lightweight materials, known as PVC, are used and they are highly reflective and UV resistant. These roofing systems prevent tears, abrasions, and can withstand chemical exposure, making them ideal for commercial settings.
  • Built-up roofing: These roofs are made of multiple layers of felt or fabric that have been laminated together with tar. They cancel out the noise and are waterproof, lasting close to 25 years.
  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer): Made from a synthetic rubber which is formed using oil and natural gas, these roofs are UV resistant and very tough and resilient in all weather conditions.
  • Modified Bitumen: Possibly the best at withstanding tears, rips, abrasions as well as harsh weather, bitumen roofing is reinforced bitumen. It is a solid and strong roofing choice and is a perfect choice if you are located in a particularly wet climate.

When it comes to commercial roofing projects, you can trust our team. We have the experience and knowledge to deliver the roofing services you need and guarantee a reliable roofing system that will deliver the most value on your investment and will keep your building safe for many years to come.

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