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The climate of Lakeside, Ca brings people to Southern California and the history, culture and new growth keeps people there. Where Lakeside once was a cowboy and ranch town, the city now offers business opportunities and updated recreation. Apart from shopping, restaurants and vibrant cultural affairs, the city offers some of the prettiest lakes and parks for the population to enjoy. The growth and array of things to do has attracted many people to the area, hence the increase in residential and HOA developments.

With all the residential properties being developed, there isn’t room for mistakes and poor-quality work. A poor roofing installation can cause unnecessary expenses and potential damage and injury. If you own or manage a HOA or residential property it can be a real headache to deal with roofing problems. Tenants do not understand the complexity of maintaining a building, but we do, and we work to help you provide the best roofing systems.
It is important to find a roofer that

understands residential roofing and the special requirements these projects need. HOA and multiple-family housing involves working with a larger customer base and more potential roofing issues. Additionally, roofing contractors have to work with HOA Boards, building managers and apartment associations, and we understand that your roofer needs to have experience in these matters.

The Services We Provide

Our team of professionals are experts with residential roofing and offer the highest quality service for any HOA project. Whether it is a condo or apartment complex, we can work with every material and every style to provide a roofing system you need and can afford. Installation or simple shingle repair; we do it all and we do it with quality materials, tools and a team of professionals with training and expertise.

We understand that HOA roofing projects vary in terms of size and complexity and we treat every job with the same detail and precision making sure you only get the best. The happiness of your residents is important to you, so we make sure they are happy with the building. We can install new roofing and provide regular follow-up checks and maintenance to keep your roofing in top shape for a longer time.

We work with all roofing materials and styles including shingles, tiles, metal roofing, clay, slate and low sloping systems. We can service whatever roof you have and guarantee quality and a job to fit your budget and needs. Reach out to us today to schedule an inspection and will offer solutions to any of your roofing problems.


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