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Located in the Sand Diego peninsula, the resort city of Coronado attracts people from all around. The beach draws in surfers and sunbathers and the vibrant city offers the best dining, nightlife, shopping and recreation. Nicknamed “the Crown City”, Coronado is definitely a treasure of Southern California boasting beautiful weather year round and more activities and clubs than you can imagine.
The appeal of Coronado has increased since the early days when streetcars ran through the city center, as businesses continue to grow and the economy continues to offer promise to new residents. With everything going on in Coronado, the population continues to increase and in response to this, HOA and residential developments are on the increase too.

As the owner of a multiple-family or HOA development, you understand the importance of good roofing. Not only does it protect your residents but it adds value to the building. This means that when you hire a professional roofer, you want to ensure you get experience, knowledge as well as quality materials. There are several contractors experienced with HOA housing to help you get the best roof for your buildings.

Hiring the Right Contractor


You want to choose a professional contractor that has licenses and insurance. They will be able to provide any and all documentation upon request. When you work with an accredited roofer, you will be guaranteed to get quality work and quality materials. In the event of any defective work or materials, these licensed professionals will make things right. This documentation protects you and the workers from damages and injuries so is necessary and recommended.


Experience is critical for all roofing projects, but when it comes to HOA developments, you want to ensure the contractor you choose has experience with HOA boards, contractors and property management. They also need to have the knowledge of all relevant materials, available roofing services as well as working relationships with other developers. You can gage their experience by the number of years in the industry as well as the number of successfully completed projects. A solid track record is a good indication that you will get quality service and roofing services.


The ideal roofing contractor will be able to perform inspections and installation as well as follow up maintenance and repairs. You want to work with a company that offers a range of services, to be assured that your roof will remain in optimal condition for as long as possible.


You want a company that delivers what is promised and that remains open and honest with you. Regular communication and attention to detail are traits of a professional company and this will help you to develop a solid working relationship. Reading reviews and conducting a little research into the company will provide insight on how they work and what they deliver, which will help you to choose a professional, courteous and experienced roofer.

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