Project Description

Flat Roof Replacement

  • Tore off existing roof to wood deck and hauled away debris. Areas in which additional layers were found during removal have been torn off.
  • Inspected existing roof for evidence of soft spots as well as other deteriorated wood members. Upgraded all wood as necessary.
  • Furnished and installed new glass base and secured over repair area.
  • Furnished and installed new sheet metal flashings as needed over repair area.
  • Cleaned and primed repair area as needed.
  • Heat weld applied modified bitumen roof membrane over flat roof area.
  • Tied in newly installed roof membrane to existing roof shingles.
  • Painted any new bonderized metal that is visible.
  • Trimmed any nails penetrating the plywood and painted to hide nails and blemishes on underside of plywood.
  • Removed and hauled away all debris caused by roofing.