Project Description

Asphalt Shingle Installation on House and Garage

Re-Roof of the house

Preparation and Tear Off:

  • All stored materials were removed from roof before roofing began. (Stored materials on roof subsequent to roofing would have invalidated any workmanship warranty expressed or implied.)
  • Removed 1 (one) layer of type roof to wood substrate and hauled away.
  • Thoroughly inspected wood substrate and other wood members such as fascia for deficiencies. Where deficiencies were found replaced wood.
  • Removed and hauled away all metal flashings.
  • Installed nominal galvanized drip edge metal to all eaves and fastened 8 inches on center.
  • Furnished and installed 6 new low-profile dormer vents.

Roofing execution:

  • Starting at the low point of the roof installed a single layer of Owens Corning Deck Defense underlayment using mechanical fasteners.
  • Base sheet to overlap 2 inches on side laps 4 inches on end laps.
  • Installed new nominal drip edge metal flashing to roof rake using mechanical fasteners.
  • Fastened edge metal 8 inches on centers.
  • Installed all new galvanized pipes / vent flashings per manufacturer specifications.
  • Installed step flashings at roof to wall transitions.
  • Installed face attached counter flashing as necessary.
  • Installed Owens Corning static roof ventilation as needed on roof.
  • Painted all flashings/ projections to match roofing as closely as possible.
  • Installed Owens Corning Weathercock leak barrier at leak prone locations per manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Starting at the low point of the roof installed Owens Corning Starter Strip starter course to provide double coverage at eaves.
  • Starting at the low point of the roof installed Owens Corning Duration Tru­Definition Lifetime Asphalt Composition Dimensional Shingles.
  • Composition shingles have been installed per manufacturer specifications.
  • Mechanically attached Owens Corning Deco Ridge High Profile hip and ridge shingles.
  • Removed and hauled away all debris caused by roofing.

Proovided Owner With A Manufacturer’s Platinum Roofing System No-Dollar­ Limit Labor, Material and Workmanship Warranty On New Roofing System.

Re-Roof of the garage

Preparation and Tear Off:

  • Tore off 1 (one) layer(s) of existing roofing to plywood deck and hauled away.
  • Ensured proper deck condition to install roof system.
  • Replaced all damaged / deteriorated plywood deck & additional wood roof members.
  • Mechanically attached 1/4″ Securock fiber gypsum roof deck board.
  • Securock has been installed to entire field of roof.
  • Nailing pattern has been performed per manufacturer specifications for correct wind uplift rating.
  • Furnished and installed 4 new flush mount surface drains.
  • Plumb drains from inside of garage to exterior of garage and down to ground level.

Roofing execution:

  • Mechanically attached 60 mil “Rockply”, reinforced TPO single ply roof membrane.
  • End and side laps are per manufacturer specification.
  • Nailing pattern is per manufacturer specification.
  • Only approved fasteners and plates have been used.
  • Membrane has been hot air welded to create complete monolithic roof seal.
  • All details (including edge/ wall terminations, curb flashings, and pipe/ vent penetrations) have been done in accordance with manufacturer specification.
  • Removed all debris caused by roofing and hauled away.

Provide owner with a 15 (fifteen) Year Manufacturer’s No-Dollar-Limit Roof System Warranty covering Labor, Material & Workmanship.