Project Description

Drain Repairs and Maintenance

  • Asphalt cap sheet maintenance.
  • All stored materials were removed from roof before roof repairs began. (Stored materials on roof subsequent to leak repairs would invalidate any workmanship warranty, expressed or implied.)
  • Sealed and reinforced all pipe flashings using superior three course method of repair.
  • Repaired all major bubbles by cutting open to relieve pressure and patch appropriately.
  • Thoroughly inspected and repaired all gravel guard and drip edge metal using appropriate sealant method.
  • Repaired all splits and breaks in the roof field membrane using superior three course method of repair.
  • Secured and sealed metal screws or nails on flashing and coping metal surfaces with appropriate sealant.
  • Inspected and filled top of pitch pans with sealant sloping to the outside edge.
  • Replaced 4 each 1.5″ Thunderbird drains.
  • Repaired openings around scupper and drained components using superior three course method of repair.
  • Coated all exposed mastic repairs with appropriate coating to prevent premature aging.
  • Removed all clogging elements from waterways.
  • Removed all debris from roof surface.
  • Removed and hauled away all debris caused by roofing.


Provided owner With A 2 (Two) Callbacks in 1 (One) Year Alta Roofing & Waterproofing Workmanship Warranty Over Repair Area(s) Only.