Project Description

Stucco Repair and Rain Gutter Installation

Exterior stucco wall repair and new door flashing:

  • Grinded and removed all loose and cracking stucco.
  • Applied fiberglass mesh tape to seams.
  • Applied new stucco scratch coat to repair areas.
  • Sprayed new texture to match existing as close as possible.
  • Painted entire lower half of exterior wall with elastomeric exterior paint.
  • Furnished and installed new threshold flashing below exterior french door.
  • Removed and hauled away all debris caused by repair.

Gutter Installation:

  • Furnished and installed new sheet metal gutters and downspouts as follows:

a. Installed approx. 200 linear feet of new gutters.

b. Installed six new one story downspouts, approx. 80 linear feet.

  • Properly secured newly installed gutters and downspouts.
  • Removed and hauled away debris caused by installation.