The siding on your home is something we don’t tend to think much about unless it looks particularly awful. Your siding isn’t just for good looks though. Siding is there to protect your home. That includes everything from the foundation itself to the furnishings we put inside it. Without siding, your home would quickly be eaten away by the elements and your roofing would be left alone in the battle against mother nature.

Old siding isn’t as good at protecting your home as newer sidings, so if you’ve noticed a few cracks or just general shabbiness, it may be time to do more than just a paint job. You may want to replace your siding entirely. Siding solutions are always provided by certified roofing companies, so if you need siding you actually need to find a good roofer. Here are 3 great reasons why you might need some siding services for your house:

  •      Increase Curb Appeal.

Old siding just plain isn’t beautiful. Whether it’s the dated style, the shabbiness from age, or just the fact that it doesn’t match other improvements on the house, old siding can detract from how people view your house. Match your siding and roofing for extra appeal.

On the other hand, new siding can enhance your curb appeal. New siding is like a facelift for your house, making it look instantly newer and more attractive.

  •      Repair Hidden Structural Damage

Your siding is there to protect your home from damage. When it is old and weak, the infirmities can allow water to seep in around a window, causing rot that requires the drywall, framing, roofing and sometimes even the window itself to be replaced. Water seeping into the foundation can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Even if damage occurs from disaster or other problems, and not the siding itself, the siding often has to be torn into in order to fix the structural damage. Once it is removed, it can look like a patchwork quilt when that area alone is repaired. New siding allows you the chance to get in there, examine, and repair any damage before placing siding on it. It’s the perfect opportunity to check for damage and get it repaired.

  •      Increase Energy Efficiency.

Nobody likes a huge electric bill. The world is currently wrapped up in concerns about climate change, and what we can do as individuals to help. Having a more energy efficient home is a great way to both lower your bills and help protect the environment.

New siding helps insulate your home, keeping your airconditioned or heating from escaping outside the home. This means it will take less heating and cooling to keep your house comfortable.

New siding isn’t just for the beautification of your home. It is a necessary and practical part of your building and should be maintained with the same care and attention as your roof. After all, it protects all of your assets, and your family, from the elements.

If your siding is due to be replaced, don’t delay. Putting fresh siding down will improve the curb appeal, raise the value of your home, and protect everything you love. There’s no reason not to, and every reason to give your siding the care and attention it needs to keep your home safe.


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