Did you know that if you have a roof in poor condition your insurance company might require an ACV (Actual Cash Value) percentage or exclude it from coverage all together? Many insurance companies are requesting a pre-coverage roof inspection when writing a new policy or renewing one. While loss control roof inspections may have been the norm with commercial under writing, insurance companies are now requesting roof inspection on residential policies.

The simplest way to understand what your property insurance covers and what it doesn’t cover is to contact your Insurance agent or insurance carrier. Coverage often depends on the age of your roof and the condition of your roof, so it’s very important to know and understand the specifics of your property insurance policy.

Replacing your roof or restoring your roof can be expensive and time consuming. That’s why it is important to take steps to prevent damage to your roof, which it can extend the life of your roof.

It is important to remember property insurance is not a home warranty but a shared risk between the property owner and the insurance underwriter. So it is wise to maintain your roof and have annual roof inspections.