Regardless of where you live, keeping cool is essential. Warmer summer months can be uncomfortable inside a building which is why air conditioning is your best friend. The problem with A/C is that you get bulky and unsightly units. Your options for A/C unit storage are on the ground or on the roof and both locations come with benefits and drawbacks.

Why You Put the A/C Unit on the Roof?

Ground A/C units are not easy to remove once installed so make sure it is not going to be in the way before you choose that option. Many commercial and industrial lots have ground options so this will likely not cause complaints. However, if your building is the only one with ground units, you may get some resistance from neighboring buildings. The solution to avoid ground units is to install them on the roof. While it keeps them out of the way, it also exposes them to more severe weather changes and potential damage. The winds are higher on rooftops which can knock pieces loose and blow dirt into the unit causing function problems. However, when it comes to debris, ground units can get clogged with leaves so you face the same obstacle.

The weather in your area will largely determine the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. With proper installation, however, you can extend its life and get the most years out of it no matter what the weather does. If you can place the unit under or close to a tree, it will get protection from the sun during the day which means it will require less attention and maintenance. The benefits to ground units are that they typically get the shade from the building. One of the major problems with rooftop A/C units is remembering it is there. Out of sight means out of mind. The best thing to do is set reminders to regularly scheduled maintenance and checks for your rooftop unit. Getting to the unit also causes more difficulty in comparison to the ground units. You need to make sure you have the right equipment to reach and work on the roof safely or work with a professional for all maintenance and repairs.

Despite the challenges of a rooftop unit, the biggest benefit is that you will have plenty of space and the unit will be out of the way. This keeps the space around your building clear which is more appealing aesthetically. Having the unit on the roof also keeps the outdoor environment quieter, but you may hear it more often from the inside. One additional benefit is that rooftops units are better protected because sadly, A/C unit theft is more common than people realize. Rooftop installation for A/C units is more economical but it does come with challenges. Be sure to work with a professional to ensure the unit is secure, regularly maintained, and keeping you cool all summer long.


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