Project Description

TPO Roof Installation Over Existing

Roof Preparation and Tear Off:
1. Removed all loose gravel, scraped and power broomed roof surface to remove loosely embedded gravel. Hauled away all debris.
2. Ensured proper deck condition to install roof system.
3. Repaired any soft spots found in roof deck.
4. Mechanically attached 1/2 inch EPS fanfold insulation over entire roof deck.
5. Fastener pattern is per manufacturer specifications for correct wind uplift rating.
6. Furnished and installed 1/4 inch Securock roof board as needed on vertical surfaces.

Roofing Execution:
1. Mechanically attached 60 mil white reinforced TPO single ply roof membrane.
a. End and side laps are per manufacturer specification.
b. Nailing pattern are per manufacturer specification.
c. Only approved fasteners and plates have been used.
2. Membrane has been hot air welded to create complete monolithic roof seal.
3. All details (including edge / wall terminations, curb flashings, and pipe / vent penetrations) have been done in accordance with manufacturer specification.
4. Removed all debris caused by roofing and hauled away.

Provide owner with a 20(Twenty) Year Manufacturer’s No-Dollar-Limit Roof System Warranty covering Labor, Material & Workmanship.